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  • I have a nut allergy, are your doughnuts safe for me to eat?
    Depends on your sensitivity. We do handle nuts in our kitchen, so we can’t guarantee against cross contamination, although we do our best. We offer lots of donut options without nuts.
  • Why am I out of the Ubereats delivery range?
    Ubereats determines their delivery range, unfortunately we have no control over how Ubereats determines their delivery zone.
  • What days are you open?
    We are open EVERY DAY, 9:00AM -7:00PM 7 days a week.
  • Why can't I find you on Ubereats?
    Unfortunately when we can’t keep up with the demand in our shop and we go offline when we are low on donuts.
  • Can you do wholesale for cafes?
    No, we don’t offer any wholesale at this stage.
  • Do you have coffee available at your shop?
    Yes! We proudly serve our custom blend from Agro Roasters.
  • Can I order and pick up a day before my event?
    Because we make everything fresh and without preservatives, we do not recommend you pick up donuts a day before you intend to enjoy them and also because they are fried, our donuts do lose their soft fluffy texture the next day.
  • How do I buy your donuts?
    You can come to our store and pick up an order in person from the selection available in store, any time during open hours.
  • How do I store donuts?
    All our donuts are made fresh every day and contain no preservatives. The donuts can be kept in room temperature and we strongly recommend eating them on the day purchased.
  • Are you able to make for a wedding /company event?
    For sure! Please email to discuss.
  • Do you have VEGAN /GF donuts?
    We currently do not have VEGAN/GF donuts but we are working on it. We want to make sure they are perfect before we make them available for you!
  • Can I have donuts set aside for me?
    You can preorder right here on our website! We do have a-24 hours preorder policy but you can call us for same day pick-up we will try our best to accommodate your request depending on store availability. However on weekends and busy days when we the store has lineups we won’t be able to reserve donuts over the phone as this won’t be fair for our customers in line.
  • How do I pre-order?
    You can place your pre-order right here on this website.
  • Why do you sell out?
    We hand make the dough, fillings and we make our best guess for how many donuts people will want to enjoy in a day. It is our ultimate goal to sell out at a reasonable time, so we minimize waste. It is difficult for us to just make more donuts if we know we are going to sell out because our process takes about too long. To avoid disappointment, we recommend placing your preorder a day or two in advance if you know you’re going to order.
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